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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2020A way to enhance spoken interaction profiency through collaborative learning tasks in the English learning process at Buenos Aires Technical and Professional High SchoolCordero Obando, Marjorie de los Ángeles
May-2020Improving communication skills by using audio aids in students of fourth grade at CINDEA Ciudad Cortés, Satélite Finca Alajuela, during the II Term, 2019Cascante Valverde, Danny Alberto
Sep-2020Improving speaking skills in the EFL Classroom through the use of WhatsApp Platform in ninth grade students at CIDEA de Río Jiménez during the First Period of 2020Brenes Chavarría, Maikol Eliecer
Oct-2020Improving Listening Skill Performing by Using Audio-visual Aids as Authentic Material in 9th Grade Students at CINDEA Nakelkälä During the 3rd Period, 2019Rivera Espinoza, Jiovanni Daniel
Oct-2020Enhancing Speaking and Listening Skills by Using Mobile Applications in Students from Colegio Técnico Profesional de Limon During the Second Quarter of 2019Lewis Harris, Yexsira Francinie
Sep-2020Enhancing Pronunciation through the use of the Reading Aloud Command Embedded in Microsoft Office Word 2019 in Tenth Grade Students at Centro EducativoPeraza Soto, Linda Mariel
Sep-2020Enhancing Oral Presentations through the Application of the Communicative Approach to the Students of 9th Group at Centro Educativo Yorí, I Period, 2020Ramos Portilla, Alexander
Sep-2020Using Didactic Material Created by Students to Foster Effective Vocabulary LearningQuesada Sandí, Dayana Melissa
Sep-2020Improving Grammar in Narrative Writing Skill by the Application of EdmodoBuckeanan Beita, Francinie Marleny
Sep-2020Enhancing Vocabulary Learning Skills in Students by Using MultimediaVargas Villalobos, Justín Nicole