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Title: Analytical method validation for metformin quantification in dissolution medium
Authors: Bogantes-Molina, Joselyn
Madrigal-Redondo, German Leonardo
Berrocal-Barrantes, Lorena
Chavarría-Rojas, Marianela
Acuña-Amador, Daniel Alejandro
Vargas-Zúñiga, Rolando
Keywords: metformin hydrochloride
analytical method
Publisher: GSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Citation: Bogantes-Molina, J., Madrigal-Redondo, G. L., Berrocal-Barrantes, L., Chavarría-Rojas, M., Acuña-Amador, D. A., y Vargas-Zúñiga, R. (2019). Analytical method validation for metformin quantification in dissolution medium. GSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7(2), 43-51.
Abstract: Metformin hydrochloride is a hypoglycemic agent used for type II Diabetes Mellitus treatment, and one of the most used to manage it. The objective of the present work was the development and validation of an analytical method to quantify metformin hydrochloride in the dissolution medium by UV spectrophotometry. Linearity and range, accuracy and precision were the validation process parameters. Validation process results showed the analytical method was easy, quick, secure and, furthermore, a linear, accurate and precise method in the studied concentrations range. Therefore, it is a reliable analytical method.
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