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dc.contributor.authorVoss, Pit Jacob-
dc.contributor.authorVargas Soto, Gustavo-
dc.contributor.authorSchmelzeisen, Rainer-
dc.contributor.authorIzumi, Kiwako-
dc.contributor.authorStricker, Andres-
dc.contributor.authorBittermann, Gido-
dc.contributor.authorPoxleitner, Philipp-
dc.identifier.citationVoss, P.J., Vargas Soto, G., Schmelzeisen, R., Izumi, K., Stricker, A., Bittermann, G. & Poxleitner, P. (2016). Sinusitis and oroantral fistula in patients with bisphosphonate-associated necrosis of the maxilla. Head Face Med, 12(3), 1-6.
dc.description.abstractBackground: The management of bisphosphonate related necrosis of the jaw has become clinical routine. While approximately two thirds of the lesions are in the mandible, one third is located in the maxilla. In 40–50 % of maxillary necrosis the maxillary sinus is involved, leading to maxillary sinusitis and oro-antral communications. Methods: This retrospective single center study includes all patients with diagnosis of BP-ONJ of the maxilla and concomitant maxillary sinusitis. The information collected includes age, gender, primary disease, bisphosphonate intake, involving type of bisphosphonate, route of administration and duration of BP treatment previous to surgical treatment and treatment outcome. Results: A total of 12 patients fulfill the criteria of the diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis associated to maxillary necrosis, of which 6 Patients showed purulent sinusitis. All patients underwent surgical treatment with complete resection of the affected bone and a multilayer wound closure. A recurrence appeared in one patient with open bone and no sign of sinusitis and was treated conservatively. Conclusions: Purulent maxillary Sinusitis is a common complication of bisphosphonate-related necrosis of the maxilla. The surgical technique described can be suggested for the treatment of these patients.en_US
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dc.subjectnose and paranasal sinusesen_US
dc.subjectmedication-associated necrosis of the jawsen_US
dc.subjectpurulent sinusitisen_US
dc.titleSinusitis and oroantral fistula in patients with bisphosphonate-associated necrosis of the maxillaen_US
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