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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2020Improving oral production through the use of interpersonal social skills with students from eleventh grade at Cindea of Samara. Nicoya regional office of education. 2020Vindas Jirón, Evelyn; Jaén Rojas, Jesús Dario
Dec-2020Implementing Memes as a Tool to Boost Writing Skills with the 7 Graders at Villarreal High SchoolRosales Jiménez, Andrés
Aug-2020Implementation of Storytelling Technique to Improve students’ Speaking skill performance in Eighth graders at Cartagena Technical High School. Santa Cruz Regional Office. 2020González Vega, Jesús Alberto; Salazar Angulo, Malintzin
Sep-2020The implementation of minimal pairs techniques to improve pronunciation in ninth grade students at cindea NosaraTorres Jiménez, Henry; Rojas Castillo, Olivier
Sep-2020Using blended learning approach to improve students speaking skill with students of 9 grade at the C.T.P of Nicoya high schoolMuñoz Villareal, Ericka
Sep-2020R.A.P (Recognition-Articulation-Production) framework as a tool to improve pronunciation skill on students from 7th grade of Colorado High School, 2020.Díaz Prieto, Luz Heidy; Picado Ortega, Vilma Shasling
Sep-2020Using authentic materials for improvement speaking skills in 10 ° graders at CINDEA Jicaral. Peninsular Regional office of education, 2020.González Sosa, María de los Ángeles; Salazar Zúñiga, Marta Enith
Jan-2021Implementing the Four knowings’ framework to enhance sociocultural component in the English Class with tenth graders at The Technical Highschool of Santa CruzSegura Leal, María Jesús
Sep-2020The Use of Realia as a Tool to Provide Meaningful Vocabulary to Students from Seventh Grade at Centro Educativo Católico San Ambrosio, circuit 01, Regional Education of NicoyaPeña Ortiz, Nidia Sofía
Feb-2021Developing Listening skill through the use of authentic videos with tenth graders at Colegio Nacional Virtual Marco Tulio Salazar Santa Cecilia BranchCalderón Víctor, Raquel