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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Aquatic fungi: targeting the forgotten in microbial ecologyGrossart, Hans-Peter; Rojas-Jimenez, Keilor
12-May-2018Diversity and Hidden Host Specificity of Chytrids Infecting Colonial Volvocacean AlgaeVan den Wyngaert, Silke; Rojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Seto, Kensuke; Kagami, Maiko; Grossart, Hans-Peter
10-Nov-2017Early diverging lineages within Cryptomycota and Chytridiomycota dominate the fungal communities in ice-covered lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, AntarcticaRojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Wurzbacher, Christian; Bourne, Elizabeth Charlotte; Chiuchiolo, Amy; Priscu, John C.; Grossart, Hans-Peter
2017Integrating chytrid fungal parasites intoplankton ecology: research gaps and needsFrenken, Thijs; Alacid, Elisabet; Berger, Stella A.; Bourne, Elizabeth C.; Gerphagnon, Melanie; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Gsell, Alena S.; Ibelings, Bas W.; Kagami, Maiko; Kupper, Frithjof C.; Letcher, Peter M.; Loyau, Adeline; Miki, Takeshi; Nejstgaard, Jens C.; Rasconi, Serena; Rene, Albert; Rohrlack, Thomas; Rojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Schmeller, Dirk S.; Scholz, Bettina; Seto, Kensuke; Sime-Ngando, Telesphore; Sukenik, Assaf; Van de Waa, Dedmer B.; Van den Wyngaert, Silke; Van Donk, Ellen; Wolinska, Justyna; Wurzbacher, Christian; Agha, Ramsy
14-Aug-2017Microplastics alter composition of fungal communities in aquatic ecosystemsKettner, Marie Therese; Rojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Oberbeckmann, Sonja; Labrenz, Matthias; Grossart, Hans-Peter
Aug-2017A New Parasitic Chytrid, Staurastromyces oculus (Rhizophydiales, Staurastromycetaceae fam. nov.), Infecting the Freshwater Desmid Staurastrum spVan den Wyngaert, Silke; Seto, Kensuke; Rojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Kagami, Maiko; Grossart, Hans-Peter
29-Mar-2019A Salinity Threshold Separating Fungal Communities in the Baltic SeaRojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Rieck, Angelika; Wurzbacher, Christian; Jürgens, Klaus; Labrenz, Matthias; Grossart, Hans-Peter
26-Mar-2017Transformation of humic substances by the freshwater Ascomycete Cladosporium spRojas-Jimenez, Keilor; Fonvielle, Jeremy A.; Ma, Hua; Grossart, Hans-Peter